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Basketball skills can't be achieved in actual combat dribbling is the king

2022-06-24 06:32Basketball physical training
Summary: Why can't I practice well when I play basketballYou practice too little. Handmade... Dribbling is the king. Good dribbling, you can do those moves naturallyFor help, I feel that my basic basketball
Why can't I practice well when I play basketball
You practice too little. Handmade... Dribbling is the king. Good dribbling, you can do those moves naturally
For help, I feel that my basic basketball skills are very good. How can I stop playing in actual combat
Moreover, many technical movements are honed in actual combat. It is useless to practice against the air alone. Your problem is that you are not skilled enough. Don't be afraid of mistakes. Relax your mind and dare to act. Practice more when you find a partner to fight alone. A good crossover is not about figuring out what you want to do before you crossPlaying basketball obviously knows a lot of tricks and can be uBasketball skills can't be achieved in actual combat  dribbling is the kingsed when practicing, but I don't know how to use them in actual combat
It's OK to have oneortwo signboard moves. You can't chew too much. When your sign becomes a sign, it is much easier to use other tricks, because your self-confidence and the recognition of others have improved your technical levelWhy does the skill of playing basketball never come into play
My friend, it seems that when you play basketball at ordinary times, there is very little real combat training with confrontation. And such skills, once in the fierce competition, will be difficult to play out. In this regard, there is no good way. On the one hand, we should increase the intensity of confrontation in training and on the other hand, we should relax our mentality in the competition. Maybe we can play unexpectedly. Hope... I usually train very well, but I can't play anything when I play a game
The biggest difference between competition and training lies in the difference in antagonism. You are still young, and your psychology is not verBasketball skills can't be achieved in actual combat  dribbling is the kingy mature. Therefore, when you encounter a competition, you will play incompletely due to psychological tension, and you will not overcome the psychological pressure of daring to fight in the competition, resulting in poor performance. First of all, exercise your physical strengthMany excellent basketball skills cannot be used in actual combat
There are two problems: the physical confrontation is not good, and the confrontation is not enough to play the full level. The action is not proficient enough. The action is easy to deform in the confrontation. The level of 100 points can play 80% at most. It needs to be very proficient. Solution: exercise to improve the ability of confrontation, practice more skills, and spend some time every dayI'm not a novice. I'm very accurate when I practice shooting, but I can't show it in practice
Your training is very accurate. What I ask is do you often take shots in "actual combat", or do you have no confidence in shooting when you are not close after taking five or six shots? Ha ha, and under what conditions do you take shots? When there is no air defense or when others are staring at you? In fact, as a shooter, you are the bestI found a lot of excellent skills on the Internet when playing basketball, but I can't find them in actual combat. Why
The people who take out the ball may be a little better. They are easy to shake. They can see which side their center of gravity is inclined to, and they will pass after accelerating. There is no need to learn the fancy moves on the Internet. Just change the direction in front of the body and use it well. It's fierce to play. I don't feel that turning around behind the back is used too muchWhy can't I use my basketball skills in actual combat
Maybe you don't dribble very well, or you think you will be robbed. You just don't think bad. In addition, you should practice your passing skills more. If you are not familiar with them, you will have a sense of fear in your heart. 1. be confident and don't think bad. 2. practice ball control. 3. practice more skillsWhy is the basic skill of playing basketball very good, but not in actual combat
If the dribbling ability is strong enough, but it cannot surpass others, there may be the following factors: first, it cannot adapt to the competition environment; Second, you can't adapt to how to surpass others in the only defensive space; Third, you completely misunderstand the skill of surpassing others in daily practice. In practice
Basketball skills can't be achieved in actual combat dribbling is the king

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