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Basketball physical training

Video tutorial on children's volleyball skills improving jumping ability, etc.

2022-06-25 05:39Basketball physical training
Summary: Basketball skill teaching (video and text)Introduction to the basketball culture of FireWire, a comprehensive introduction to the origin and development, competition rules, referee methods, tactical c
Basketball skill teaching (video and text)
Introduction to the basketball culture of FireWire, a comprehensive introduction to the origin and development, competition rules, referee methods, tactical concepts, advanced basketball skills, improving jumping ability, etc., with rich content, you can easily enter the basketball world and understand the basketball culture. 。How to teach children to play ball correctly
The children's song "ball baby dancing" of the original ball shooting: "I have a ball baby, take a pat and jump; take a heavy shot and jump high; take a light shot and jump low; it's really interesting to take a pat and jump." The children's song "take the ball baby to travel": "when the ball baby goes to travel, he jumps and follows me: take a shot, take a walk, take a walk
Where is the video of some basic skills of playing basketball
It is very helpful for trainVideo tutorial on children's volleyball skills  improving jumping ability, and improvement Long jump: when standing long jump, you must use all your strength and pay special attention to the contraction of muscles In the sprint jump, pay attention to the starting speed and the feeling of the center of gravity leg when taking off. When taking off, you should feel your Achilles tendon pulled to the extremeDetailed primary school basketball teaching video, primary school basketball basic skills video
The straight-line dribble (junior grade) action requires that when the ball is dribbled forward, the racket shall press the back and upper part of the ball, and the ball shall be dribbled forward with the back pedal. The ball shall fall in front of the same side foot, and the running pace shall be consistent with the bounce rhythm. (one belt, two press, three push, four straight) key points: when dribbling, the position where the hand touches the ball and difficulties: dribblingWhat are the playing skills of children in the process of learning basketball
When children learn basketball, they should teach them to play the ball step by step. For example, they should play the ball with one hand, take turns with their left and right hands, and play the ball while walking. Finally, they should learn to change the form of playing the ball. The method of holding the ball is wrong, and it is easy for their fingers to poke the ball. It is recommended to find a professional place to learn basketball, and professional guidance can help them form good habitsIs there any skill in basketball? Why can't I shoot well
The ability to dribble increases with the rise of basketball skills. Practice dribbling at the beginning to ensure that the ball is always under the control of five fingers and that the palm of your hand does not touch the ball. That is to say, after the basketball game, your palms are absolutely clean (because the shooting palms do not touch the ball, and they all rely on your fingers)How to shoot basketball, how to shoot basketball video tutorial
Secondly, the method of dribbling, that is, how we talk about hitting the ball - you can't hold the palm of your hand, there are five fingers (you should know that you play the ball for two years). In the past, the training method of our basketball team was 100 times with one hand, 100 times swinging back and forth, 100 times blindfolded dribbling, 100 times crossing your crotch, etcRequest: Children's basic basketball training course
In teaching, we should make the shooters fully exercise, master various shooting skills, and give full play to their subjective initiative. At ordinary times, students should be more concerned, helped, encouraged and praised to cultivate the self-confidence of shooters. Strengthen the training of whole body coordination and hand movement stability. In the gameHow children learn to play basketball
Pay attention to alternate play. After a period of time, the child can have a proper rest. He can kick the ball with his feet or combine the ball with the rolling ball. This can improve his interest in the ball. Children master every movement, always from unfamiliar to skilledWhat are the ways for children to learn basketball skills
The so-called racket is also known as dribbling in basketball. Common dribbles are divided into high dribble, low dribble, forward change dribble and emergency stop dribble. First: the high dribble is generally used for fast dribble in advance without defensive obstruction. When dribbling, his legs are slightly bent and his eyes are level
Video tutorial on children's volleyball skills improving jumping ability, etc.

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