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Basketball training methods

How to pick up the ball in basketball

2022-06-23 03:25Basketball training methods
Summary: How can a penalty be accurateFirst of all, the posture should be accurate! Posture you can learn from our Yi Jianlian. The posture is the most accurate! Shoot, you look at the center of the basket! Th
How can a penalty be accHow to pick up the ball in basketballurate
First of all, the posture should be accurate! Posture you can learn from our Yi Jianlian. The posture is the most accurate! Shoot, you look at the center of the basket! Then use your wrists, not your arms! Then I heard: Shua! The ball scored Hehe, add my Q to elaborate! 125431365
How to catch a basketball shot
There are two kinds of ball holding methods: one hand ball holding method: take the right hand in place one hand shoulder shot as an example. Start with holding the ball with both hands, then lead the ball to the upper front of the right shoulder, bend the elbow of the right arm, slightly retract the elbow joint, the upper arm and shoulder joint are about horizontal, and the forearm and upper arm are about 90 . The fingers of the right hand open naturally and the wrist bends backBasketball is so angry that how can you let it out
The method to release the air from basketball is as follows: first, lubricate the ball needle with saliva or lubricant. Second: insert the ball needle into the basketball liner from the air hole. If you are not sure whether to insert the liner, try to insert it deeper to prevent damaging the basketball. Third: let the air of basketball deflate naturally through the air needle at the same timeAsk for the rules on the basketball court? How can I play basketball well? What are the skills
You must practice hard to play basketball. If you really want to play basketball well (that is, to become a master in a hundred), then you should use your spiritual desire (willpower) + sweat (hard training) + time (regular practice) = what you want to achieve. The last few words must pay off. You should practice more at the crotch because of your usual trainingHow to improve basketball skills
Practice the right hand dribble and the left hand dribble. You'll know what's going on. After the dribble practice, I will practice three techniques: low hand laHow to pick up the ball in basketballyup, high throw and small hook I 178. The bounce is very ordinary. The activity is open. I can just touch the bottom edge of the board. I can lay up and hit below 190. I can't "buckle" and I won't suffer at allHow to catch the basketball
This requires many aspects. First, your hands should be big. Second, there must be enough friction between your fingers and the basketball. Only in that way can you ensure that your ball will not fall. There is also a problem of skills. This requires you to exercise more strength of your fingers at ordinary times.. I guess you'll reach itWhat is a penalty in basketball? People usually take penalties at the beginning of the game. I don't know how to do it
A penalty kick in basketball is also called a jump ball. At the beginning of the game, the jump ball will be used to determine which side leads the attack, that is, the one who gets the ball first. It is also called a penalty because most players point the jump ball with their fingersBasketball rules are playing skills
One person one method, especially the basic skills or the most basic rules, you don't have to ask others. You know everything if you play more than two years. Even if we copy a large part here, can you remember it? If you can remember them all, you're so lucky to find someHow to catch basketball
The methods of catching basketball are as follows: first, if you want to catch the player, you must be big enough, that is, there is a lower limit. Second: catching the ball also really needs to maintain the ball nature. While the hand is in full contact with the spherical surface when catching the ball, the ligaments of the hand are also extended, just like those who practice gymnastics and martial arts should insist on pressing their legsHow does basketball break someone's ball when defending them? What skills? Or have you practiced this kind of broken ball
It is a quick eye and quick hand. The simplest way to train a person's skills is to work in pairs. One person takes the ball, passes the ball left and right, and the other breaks the ball to improve his reaction ability
How to pick up the ball in basketball

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