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Basketball training methods

Basketball skill teaching

2022-06-24 06:40Basketball training methods
Summary: Basketball Teaching: how much do you know about these skills of crotch dribblingC dribble emergency stop and quick start dribble (flash teaching video) d turn around dribble or back dribble (flash tea
Basketball Teaching: how much do you know about these skills of crotch dribbling
C dribble emergency stop and quick start dribble (flash teaching video) d turn around dribble or back dribble (flash teaching video) e all court "zigzag" multiple dribble exercises f dribble combined with other techniques (movement, passing and breakthrough)
Basketball skills: how to cross people
First practice dribbling on the line, draw a line on the ground, and the two handed racket is on this line. Don't go out, the faster the better; To practice cross down dribbling in place is to draw a line on the ground, make a cross down dribbling posture with your legs, let the line be between your legs, and then dribble with both hands to make the ball go up and down on the lineWhat are the basic skills of basketball
Crotch to cross: this method can prevent the opponent from stealing the ball. Use your left hand to dribble the ball. At the same time, take a step with your left foot to transport the ball from your crotch to your right hand (at this time, protect the ball with your body). When you transport the ball to your left hand, change your steps and break through on the left. The right-hand dribble is the opposite. The change direction dribble must be fastHow to practice crotch dribble in basketball
Basketball crotch dribble is a commonly used skill for passing people. If it is used well, it can quickly get rid of the opponent's defense. The specific training methods are as follows: master the basic posture: the premise of crotch dribbling is to pose well, and the two legs should be separated from each other. The body squats slightly, almost like a half squat. Keep your upper body straight and don't bow your headWhat are the teaching methods of basketball skills
The key lies in this). Take the right foot to the top and swing the left hand to the right. In this way, the other party will have a visual effect: the ball holder has made a breakthrough to the top and right. The third: the most practical way to break through: crotch dribble. Dribble the ball to thBasketball skill teachinge opponent's front and quickly take the right foot to the top left (or the left foot to the top right)How to use your crotch to pass people in basketball
I play as a point guard. Generally, I use the forward change to cross, but it requires good basic skills to cross the crotch. However, this is relatively safe. I am used to crossing the left crotch. The key points of crotch dribbling are two points: ① be stable when crossing the crotch without dropping the ballWhat are the basketball crotch dribble skills
The main purpose of this actioBasketball skill teachingn is to make you familiar with the direction of basketball at the crotch. Players who know how to dribble under the crotch can feel why we can accurately control the bBasketball skill teachingasketball without looking at the basketball. This is why we have hiBasketball skill teachinggh proficiency in dribbling under the crotch and are very familiar with the direction of basketballHow to use crotch dribble to pass or sway people in basketball
Try to be a good defender. If you are in a strong body, you should not be slow at 170. Practice more breakthrough skills, position sense and running skills, and be a striker. Of course, the basic basketball skills of dribbling, shooting and passing should be practiced in any position. Of course, personal will is also a decisive factorBasketball crotch passing skill
Basketball crotch movement is the principle that the legs are opened first, the body is the center line, and the incident angle is equal to the reflection angle. It would be nice to have a larger range of motion
How can a basketball walk with its crotch? It's just a step
Step 2: after action 1 is skilled, step forward and start dribbling. The technical action is the same as that of changing hands in front of the body, except that the ball drop point becomes below the leg, which is easy to hit your own leg. Pay special attention to this point (the ball drop point is offset due to too early drop). Step 3: stretch one leg continuously to make the crotch, the faster the better
Basketball skill teaching

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