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Fancy crotch basketball skills several ways

2022-06-24 12:02Basketball training methods
Summary: I want to know some skills and basic movements of fancy basketball。Basketball skill is the simplest and most effective crotch crossing. How many waysCrotch dribble is also one of the steps of passin
I want to know some skills and basic movements of fancy basketball
。Basketball skill is the simplest and most effective crotch crossing. How many ways
Crotch dribble is also one of the steps of passing. Its Hadaway is to use crotch dribble to complete the layup. Today, I will mainly explain to you how to effectively carry out crotch dribble. And practice some tricks to familiarize yourself with crotch dribbling. First of all, it's a very basic action, and many people will not slip awaFancy crotch basketball skills  several waysyBasketball Teaching: how much do you know about these skills of crotch dribbling
Action points: press the upper right side of the ball, the ball passes between the legs, and the step up and hand change should be coordinated. Easy to make mistakes: the crotch dribble hit place is too front or too back, and the coordination between handsFancy crotch basketball skills  several ways and feet is not coordinated. Correction method: dribble under the hip in place and slowly, and gradually accelerate the dribble practice. Dribble practice method:
Crotch dribble skills
Since the crotch dribble advanced practice is a simple action, it can be added with other things to enhance the lethality. If you are a novice basketball player or can't master the crotch dribble well, you'd better practice the above basic movements honestly before contacting the advanced movementsCrotch dribble technique
In fact, when people begin to improve their basketball skills, they often ignore whether they have completely mastered the original skills. The basic passing action is very simple and practical, but most fans will subconsciously think they have mastered the action when they can play it; Subconscious "e; It is often our basic skillHow much do you know about the basic basketball teaching and crotch dribbling skills
Practice in place. Step 5: practice the cross down dribblFancy crotch basketball skills  several wayse between marching. At the beginning, practice the straight line along the sideline, then the curve, and then imitate the scene in the game when someone is defending. As for how your body reacts naturally with the movement of your opponent, you can only grope repeatedly in practiceWhat skills should you master to learn the highly ornamental crotch dribble
The crotch dribble on the basketball court is a kind of decorative and practical technical action. It can change the speed and direction of holding the ball in the attack. The skill can bring you several offensive tactics! A combination of crotch dribblesWhat are the key points of crotch dribble
The main purpose of this action is to make you familiar with the direction of basketball at the crotch. Players who know how to dribble under the crotch can feel why we can accurately control the basketball without looking at the basketball. This is why we have high proficiency in dribbling under the crotch and are very familiar with the direction of basketballHow to practice basketball crotch dribble
Step 2: after action 1 is skilled, step forward and start dribbling. The technical action is the same as that of changing hands in front of the body, except that the ball drop point becomes below the leg, which is easy to hit your own leg. Pay special attention to this point (the ball drop point is offset due to too early drop). Step 3: stretch one leg continuously to make the crotch, the faster the betterBasketball crotch dribble skills
You can try to widen the distance between your legs, and then hit the ball from the front to the back when it is under the crotch. The other hand should be as far back as possible, so that when the ball comes, the other hand can catch it, or vice versa, from the back to the front. In this way, even if you can't catch it, you can make adjustments in the dribble forward. of course. If you want to use it skillfully in the competition
Fancy crotch basketball skills several ways

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