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Explanation of basketball skills five fingers separated naturally

2022-06-26 21:45Basketball training program
Summary: Basketball skillsPeople who are used to using the left hand are on the contrary. Hold the palm of your right hand well and separate the five fingers naturally. The armpit, the inside of the elbow, the
Basketball skills
People who are used to using the left hand are on the contrary. Hold the palm of your right hand well and separate the five fingers naturally. The armpit, the inside of the elbow, the back of the right hand and the junction of the forearm should be at or near right angles. Put your left hand slightly on the side of the basketball to ensure that the basketball is stable. Keep your upper body straight, don't shrug your shoulders, and your feet will fall to the ground naturally. The distance between your feet is the same as the shoulder widthAre there any classic basketball skills
Turn to dribble: dribble to the front of the opponent, control the basketball with your right hand (such as hooking the ball with your wrist), push to the left from your chest, and tilt your upper body to the left to break through from the left. If your opponent is deceived by you and moves his weight to the left, your right hand will change direction when your ball is about to leave your hand. Turn the ball to your right footHow can a novice get started playing basketball quickly? What are the techniques
Of course, this is the most basic sense of dribbling, shooting and rebounding. In fact, it is a performance of basketball controllability through repeated practice. Secondly, how to practice dribbling? What are the techniques? First, dribble in place, which is the most basic, especially for beginners of basketballWhat are the 24 moves teaching of basketball skills
Some guys who are not very good at playing basketball, but they like basketball very much, do they envy those great gods who can break through their opponents at will? Like them, it is necessary to study hard and practice hard, but it also needs to master some excellent skills. Here are five simple skills to help youBasketball skills
Basic skills of dribbling skills: when dribbling, the center of gravity should be low and stable. The height of dribbling should be below the waist. Look at the ball with your eyes to prevent the ball from hitting your feet. Master the cross dribble with both hands, and pat the ball down with the palm of your hand, without turning the wrist. Good dribbling skills should be that the ball "sticks" to the body. It follows you, notWhat are the skills of playing basketball
In the face of high pressure on the center of gravity and low food, the first step to analyze the situation is to keep in mind the smart judgment. Strong side attack pulls space, and weak side blocks and cuts corners. Hand in hand is often used to make piles, running around the pile and sticking to it. Catch the ball with both feet as far as possible, shake your shoulders with exploratory steps, and bend your knees before shooting. The key lies in your legs and waist. Break through the dribble but not the navelExplanation of passing skills in playing basketball
Here are the basketball passing skills: 1. Cross step breakthrough [actiExplanation of basketball skills  five fingers separated naturallyon method] take the right foot as the central foot as an example. Two feet left and right, two knees slightly bent, body weight reduced, between the ball and chest and abdomen. When making a breakthrough, quickly push the inside of the front sole of the left foot, turn the body slightly to the right, press the left shoulder forward, and move the center of gravity forward to the rightWhat are the basic rules and playing methods of basketball
Walking is never discussed in dribbling. As long as we don't roll our wrists, not only grasp the ball with one hand, but also walk 9999 steps, we can slide, break and jump. If you have not dribbled the ball, you should dribble next. The ball must leave your hand before the pivot foot leaves the ground. Otherwise, if you have stopped dribbling or do not dribble, you should stay at a certain placeAdvanced basketball playing method
Basketball advanced skills jump shot, jump shot has now become the main means of scoring in basketball games. To practice jump shot well, the first jump shot posture should be standard. First, take the ball with both hands. One hand to throw the ball is placed behind the ball, and the other hand holds the ball. Then bend your legs slightly, look directly at the balExplanation of basketball skills  five fingers separated naturallyl frame, and then take off with your feet upIntroduction to basketball dribbling skills
3: Keep enthusiasm and keep learning.Explanation of basketball skills  five fingers separated naturally You can take a basketball star you like as an example, learn and imitate his dribbling and various skills, so as to find a way suitable for you. Even if I want to be lazy and give up, I think idols will stick to it. I think this is a particularly feasible way
Explanation of basketball skills five fingers separated naturally

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