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Professional terms of basketball skills

2022-06-27 19:02Basketball training program
Summary: What are the technical terms of basketballDry pull-up jump shot, backward jump shot, dunk, 3-step layup, emergency stop jump shot, back singles, hook, basket shot, pull bar layup, medium shot, 3 point
What are the technical terms of basketball
Dry pull-up jump shot, backward jump shot, dunk, 3-step layup, emergency stop jump shot, back singles, hook, basket shot, pull bar layup, medium shot, 3 points, backward 3 points, change hands layup, board dunk, air relay, teammate screen shot, high throw shot, breakthrough point shot. That's all I can think ofWhat are the English terms used in basketball matches
Court forward guards cenProfessional terms of basketball skillster backcourt backcourt forward frontcourt point guard shooting guard power forward small forward rim, basket contention jump ball attackAsk for the professional terms in basketball and explain what they mean
Professional terms in basketball: position 1 refers to the accusation that the ball guard PG point guard 2 refers to the shooting guard SG shooting guard 3 refers to the small forward SF small forward 4 refers to the power forward pf power forward 5 refers to the center c-center
Ask for some NBA basketball terms, such as air relay, break ball, and kill Etc
Jazz rookie Gannis won the Knights by 3 points, Josh Smith won the magic and rockets by making up the basket, and China played Slovenia at the world basketball championships. Wang Shipeng shot more than one point at the last second to win Slovenia 78-77. Blocking is a short form of basketball skills, that is, blocking is when the opponent shoots or dunks in the basketProfessional terms and meanings on the basketball court
NBA various shooting methods (SLAM): dunk: dunk: slam dunk bank shot: wipe cricket double pump: lever shot: fade away shot: back up jump shot: hook shot: jump shot: jump shot: layup: layup: perimeter shot:What are the professional terms related to basketball
There is also a feeling of showing off skills. This is a very interesting professional term. I believe that many young friends who like basketball must be familiar with this word. Da Shuang Shuang is a term used in technical statistical indicators, which mainly refers to the cumulative data of any of the five items of a player's score, assists, steals, blocks and reboundsBasic technical terms for playing basketball
The basic terms of playing basketball include backward jump shot, rebounding, blocking and pick-up, emergency stop jump shot, walking violation, hitter foul, three-step layup, etcWhat are the most professional terms in basketball
1. Front court and back court don't know these terms are used to watch basketball games. It is a typical word to say goodbye to Xiaobai in three minutes. We often hear the comment that "a player holds the ball and moves quickly to the front Professional terms of basketball skillscourt"What are the technical terms of basketball
Backdoor pay: one of the basic basketball tactics. When a player receives the ball around the free throw arc, the other player immediately cuts into the basket from the weak side and takes the pass of his teammates to score. Baseline: baseline. The boundary line at both ends of the court. Basket: basket. It's also called ring. Another popular saying is hoopBasic technical terms and meanings of playing basketball
The basic professional terms of playing basketball include pull rod shooting, air relay, interference ball, layup, in-situ shooting, crotch dribbling, etc. Pull rod shooting pull rod shooting is a shooting action in basketball. It refers to grasping the ball, pulling it down, and then throwing it after jumping up and making a good shooting position
Professional terms of basketball skills

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