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Live video of NBA Curie basketball skills

2022-06-22 19:03Basketball training program
Summary: HD video Chinese commentary of 2011nba three-point contest, skills and dunk contestHTML dunk Griffin 。What are the main technical characteristics of NBA Curry's shooting in the g
HD video Chinese commentary of 2011nba three-point contest, skills and dunk contest
HTML dunk Griffin 。What are the main technical characteristics of NBA Curry's shooting in the game
Through careful observation of the video, it can be clearly seen that when curry shoots, his right shoulder is directly behind his right elbow and in line with his right hip. Curie's right forearm will be slightly tilted inward to ensure that the basketball is above the right eye for easy aiming. During the competition, in order to ensure that the right elbow shoulder hip is in lineHow to defend Kuri in the strongest NBA mobile game
Experience of defending curry 1 It is absolutely not allowed to jump and steal easily. If you jump, the system will judge it as empty; Curry's own high ball control is not easy to be hollowed out. Hollowing out is equivalent to an empty shot. 2. follow and defend: press the defense button, follow and run to defend, keep facing the library, and mainly rLive video of NBA Curie basketball skillsely on running closeWhat are the characteristics of curry's accurate three-point shot in the basketball game
When other NBA players shot, curry's ball was 0.3 meters in the air. Through the observation of Curie's game video and training video, it is found that Curie has unique shooting skills to improve his shooting speedCurie is hot on difficult shooting. Are there any skills in shooting
I think it's common for me to finish a very beautiful three-point ball in a difficult action and rush into the hot search. Curry has hit 10+3 three times in the past four games. He has become the only player in NBA history who has hit 10+3 points three times in a single seasonHow to practice Kuri's shooting posture
4: The releaLive video of NBA Curie basketball skillsse method of the ball is not to push the ball by force alone, but to relax the elbow joint and shake the wrist and fingers to eject the ball while extending the arm. In this way, the ball will rotate and fly to the distance easily. Curry's shooting posture is not very special. On this basis, the palm of his hand is slightly forLive video of NBA Curie basketball skillsward. When shooting, the ball is held around the center of his eyebrowsCurry was crowned the champion scorer of the warriors. Do you know his unique skills
How much do you know about Curie's exclusive secrets? Basketball is a worldwide sport. There are many basketball fans all over the world. For these basketball fans, they all have a lifelong dream, that is to enter the NBA. NBA is a dream palace in the hearts of all basketball fans. InHow stephencurry changed the way he played basketball
But Curry's performance in the game has not only changed the NBA - it has also gradually penetrated into college and high schoolCurry plays a difficult shot. What are the skills of shooting
The greatest shooter in the league today is probably curry. One hand abnormal accurate three points, but also opened up the era of small ball irrational shot! Today, let's explore Curry's shooting skills. How to practice Curry's shooting posture? The most basic is strength trainingLive broadcast of NBA dunk contest live video of NBA all star dunk contest watch mixed shooting contest / Skill Contest
At 9:30 on FebruaLive video of NBA Curie basketball skillsry 26 (Sunday), the individual challenge game included the mixed shooting game, skill challenge game, three-point ball game and dunk game (Guangdong sports and CCTV sports live broadcast). The mixed shooting game was participated by Orlando, Atlanta, New York and Texas. Skill challenge list: Kuri (Warrior)
Live video of NBA Curie basketball skills

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