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Harden's basketball skills harden has many shooting skills

2022-06-24 10:02Basketball training program
Summary: Harden has many shooting skills. Do you think he is the ceiling of the projectThe main scoring method of harden's scoring feast this season is his signature three-point retreat. Harden's three-p
Harden has many shooting skills. Do you think he is the ceiling of the project
The main scoring method of harden's scoring feast this season is his signature three-point retreat. Harden's three-point retreat always caught him unprepared, which can be said to be one of the most diHarden's basketball skills  harden has many shooting skillsfficult defensive techniques in the NBAHarden's passing looks very simple, but why can he pass easily
Harden is one of the players with the most explosive scoring power in active service. His 40+ tHarden's basketball skills  harden has many shooting skillsimes, 45+ times, 50+ times, 55+ times and 60+ times all rank first among active service players. He also has a crazy scoring performance of 36.1 per game in a single season. He can get high scores for many times thanks to his rich offensive means. Three points back is his trademark, butCritical moment scoring list: harden is the first. What is the reason why harden is so popular
So I really have to admire harden's skills. Harden's basketball skills are absolutely wonderful, and he will also leave a long legend in the future basketball history, so this is naturally one of the reasons why harden is popular, and it is also the most important reason. On the basketball court, his scoring methods are very diverseHarden's floor flow playing method is not easy to be injured. Is the attendance rate high
First of all, harden and curry are both the outstanding players in the 2009 draft and the league's well deserved superstars. DENGO has scored 21853 points so far in his career, and schoolboy Kuri also scored 17549 points. The difference is not big. The main reasons are three points. Harden became famous earlier in the thunder, and his appearHarden's basketball skills  harden has many shooting skillsance time was more stableHow hard is harden's grip? Why is this technique dying out
Then their offensive frenzy continued. Harden's layup finally scored, but Ken barvak made a three-point long-range shot, and Tatum continued to hit. At 13: the green army was 9 points ahead of the net. Joe Harris defends the layup and Durant dunks. With Du Shao dunking twice in a row, the net chased to 10:1
How to evaluate harden's ball control ability and pitching ability? At what level in the NBA
Harden's ball control ability and projection ability are absolutely top-level. If you want to find a template, it may surprise people. Ginobili, the "magic knife", harden is a very comprehensive player. Both ball control ability and three-point ability are the top level in the NBA. If you want to say the shortcomingsHow is harden playing
Jamesharden's skill is commendable. The best proof is that he has won three NBA scoring titles. If you want to get a foothold in the NBA, you must have your own skills. During the thunder team period, James Harden had very little time to make moves. However, the Rockets had enough space for him to show his talentsWhat are the characteristics of harden's playing style
Harden's flower exploration show in 2009, with a height of 1.96 meters, an arm span of 2.10 meters, and a weight of 100 kg, has a good talent. He is a left-handed player. In the early stage (during the thunder period), his playing method was very strong, and he performed various dunks. Later, his playing method was changed. He used European step, face frame singles, and rules to create fouls. The left hand will be well knownCurry and harden are both shooting three points with the ball. What's the difference between their shooting methods
Curie is better than harden in both holding and fixed-point shooting. Curie can run without the ball, then catch the ball and release it, or shake away the opponent's shot through the change of dribble rhythm. Usually, it is a fake sudden and real shot, pretending to break through the inside line, actually opening up space with the opponent, and then withdraw from the three-point line to shoot three pointsHow do you rate harden's dribble
Secondly, harden is very good at using his body as a shelter when dribbling. Harden's body belongs to the steel gun level, with big arms and round waist. He is good at using the width and thickness of his body to effectively lean against his opponent and separate him from the basketball. Especially when he cooperated with his teammates in pick and roll, harden wiped tHarden's basketball skills  harden has many shooting skillshe opponent's touch
Harden's basketball skills harden has many shooting skills

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