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first entry

January 27, 2011

Testing the layout and design of this thing. What do you think?

  1. Hi René,
    I love the format and colors of your site but what I like the most is the writing. Feels like reading a book.
    Good luck on the water, keep safe.

  2. Thanks, I’ll do my best to keep it up even when I’ll be tired, water logged and insect bitten.

    • Ok, first dumb question: how long are you giving yourself to get to Montreal?
      And it’s good this blog, at least we know you’re still rowing.
      Be good, don’t speak to strange fish.
      Have fun at least 5 minute a day.

  3. It will take however long it takes 😉 Anywhere between 100 and 60 days.

  4. Wish you the best, mate!

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