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Getting to Florida

February 1, 2011

Last week I was in a bit of a hurry to find people to rent my apartment. My initial candidate flaked just like my prom date did back when leather ties were cool. He decided he would rather save the money and stay with his parents. This left me only a few days to find someone or fork out four month’s rent. Fortunately my place happens to be in a highly attractive part of town and I found nice girls to hold the fort. I had to empty most of my apartment; this included disassembling the CNC machine I built in my kitchen, taking the 50 or so spearguns off the wall and so on.

While I was emptying my apartment, finalizing paperwork and buying equipment, I had to find a place to stay in Florida. A friend of mine suggested that I call a man that purchases foreclosed condos. When I spoke to him, we agreed on a Hollywood apartment and that he would drive with me to Fort Lauderdale since he had to go check his investments.

I met the man on Sunday at a mall outside the city. I was leaving with a stranger but he was nice. This guy liked to talk. The conversation went from his secret perpetual motion machine that he’s setting up in Kenya to the works of the Knights of Columbus. Seriously, I would not make that up. He insisted on doing the whole drive in one go. It took 30 hours; I never ate so much junk food. When we got to Hollywood, he explained that unfortunately I could not stay at the apartment in Hollywood for very long and that he’d be staying with me. I told him it was unfortunate that he did not have time to tell me this during the drive. The place was not clean at all, nor was it empty. Some guy had left his stuff all over the place. When he suggested that I help move a sofa so that he could sleep in one of his empty condos, I told him that it would be for the best.

My kayak and all my equipment are all over the room right now. The sight of the 16 foot kayak on the floor sort of destabilized my friend. I’m in the process of trying to find something better.

Kayaks on top of my Tucson

  1. Lake Champlain has a “Paddlers Trail” with Campsites all the way up. I’ll watch you and would love to sail/paddle with you a section. I would suspect the worst part will be the up river section of St Lawrence to MTL into the prevailing winds. Steve.

    • You can join me any time you want. Meeting people is one of the objective of my trip. I wish the Intracoastal had such a trail. When I go to marinas around here to ask what happens if a kayak wants to use their moorings, water, etc. They tell me they’ve never encountered that situation.

      • I’ll send you a google map of our location on Lake Champlain and will follow you. You can stay on the beach or lawn or other. We have a Tiki Bar and can host you for dinner. Steve

      • Sounds great, especially the tiki bar, cant wait to get there (the length of this trip is sort of mind numbing 😉

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