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Diving with Lionel and Jaques

February 6, 2011

Lionel and his father Jacques wanted to go diving. I suggested we leave from the park next to Port Everglade. We dove the second reef and looked for spiny lobsters. No one managed to get one. I lost one like a beginner. I was so focused on not getting stung by the hundreds of jellyfish around me that I did not keep it in sight.

Fortunately, the numerous jellyfish were not Portuguese man-of-war and they hung mid water instead of the surface. That said, while paddling Lionel did manage to fling one of the few Portuguese man-of-war right on his arm.

On the third reef, we encountered a large school of Jacks, Lionel came upon a large bull-shark but no game fish were around except for a large hogfish.

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