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Campgrounds of Florida from Miami to Georgia

March 2, 2011

“Where are you going to sleep?” is the most common question I get from people who learn about my project. It’s a very good question. There are many sections where I just don’t know where I’ll be sleeping. Here, I’ve collected the coordinates of the campgrounds I know I can access on my way to Georgia.

These coordinates come from the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail charts provided by the Florida Department of Environmental protection ( or for a download of all the charts in pdf form and from the Florida Paddling trail association website (

25.9229 -80.1391 Oleta River State Park – START

26.7732 -80.0492 Peanut Island Campground (561) 845-4445, (561) 966-6600,

27.1812 -80.1810 Spoil Island MC3 Primitive Camping

27.5441 -80.3414 Run-a-Muck Island (SL2)

27.8196 -80.4590 Island IR5 Camping

27.8198 -80.5079 Donald MacDonald Park, first-come, first serve basis. Call 772-589-0087

27.8501 -80.4549 Sebastian State Park Launch

27.8733 -80.4713 Long Point County Park, or call 321-952-4532

27.6765 -80.3816 Gifford Point Camping

27.9821 -80.5423 Island BC 38 Camping

28.1739 -80.6120 Samsons Island Park Campsite, Free permits must be obtained from the city prior to camping, (321) 773-6458; Fax: (321) 779-1388.

28.4111 -80.6419 Ski Island Campsite

28.3247 -80.6994 Island 35 Campsite

28.5045 -80.7798 Manatee Hammock Campground, 321 264-5083

28.6583 -80.8068 Titusville Railroad Bridge, Spoil Islands, do not camp any farther as the spoil islands that are in a direct line to the Haulover Canal are managed by the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and are off limits to camping

29.0771 -80.9338 Spoil Island Campsite (386) 345-5525

29.1357 -80.9697 Spoil Island Campsite (386) 345-5525

29.6730 -81.2211 Jordan Island Primitive Campsite

29.6958 -81.2304 Mellon Island Campsite

29.5050 -81.1448 Silver Lake Spoil Island Primitive Camping

29.9490 -81.3100 North Beach Campground 800-542-8316

29.8718 -81.2755 Anastasia State Park Launch 1-800-326-3521

29.6958 -81.2304 Mellon Island Campsite

29.7693 -81.2776 Moses Creek Campsite

30.3355 -81.4324 Dutton Island Primitive Campsite and Launch, (904) 247-5828. A primitive campsite for paddlers is being established on a small peninsula east of the kayak launch.

30.4058 -81.4026 Huguenot Memorial Park, It is important to walk the half mile or so to the office and check in before setting up tents. You can make reservations by calling (904) 251-3335.

30.4596 -81.4218 Sister’s Creek Boat Ramp (904) 813-1515

30.7055 -81.4879 Tiger Island,, Camping is permitted on the south end of Tiger Island; for more information call Fort Clinch State Park (904) 277-7274.

30.6986 -81.4611 River Campground

  1. Zut alors, nous nous sommes manqué de peu. J’étais en Floride (Chocoloskee to Flamingo, Boca Chita, etc.) l’hiver dernier. Par contre j’étais en voile-camping. Il est possible que j’y retourne en mars cette année avec le même voilier et j’aimerais bien vous posez qq questions, si vous êtes disponible.

    Si la voile camping et/ou la construction de voilier vous intéresse, visitez :

    Au plaisir et merci

    • Salut, je vais prochainement écrire 4 articles pour Small Craft Advisor. Alors je lis pas mal d’affaires sur les petits voiliers. Je pense de plus en plus à faire un voyage sur un open deck de moins de 20 pieds. Partir de Floride pour aller à Panama par exemple.

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