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Famous photographer and phallic boats.

March 5, 2011

The official departure was held at mile marker 1080. The mile markers are go from 1080 in North Miami to 0 in Norfolk. They are widely used by people going up or down the intracoastal.

I left on a Friday morning as the sun rose; it was a solemn affair with me in attendance. I assembled my kayak and as I was about to launch I figured I had to get an official picture. Fortunately for me, a famous Miami photographer was walking his dog. He was very directive with flamboyant manners. He almost lost it when I declined taking my clothes off. I tried explaining the context of the picture but he insisted that models have to do what they are told! That explains why I had to pose naked holding diminutive dog… Actually that’s not how it happened. The photographer was the gate attendant and I’m not sure he ever operated a camera before. He held the G10 like it was an explosive device. He took so much time to press the shutter that each time I thought he was done he’d press the button. So all the shots are very candid, meaning I’m walking back toward him.

Rene Potvin official launch from North Miami

Rene Potvin official launch from North Miami

Rene Potvin official launch from North Miami

This is me looking solemn looking into the great beyond

On my way to Pompano I went through Port Everglade and some of the most tasteless displays of wealth anyone could ever imagine. I’ll spare you the mansion pictures, especially their fountains and large Greco garbage sculptures. A lot of people are looking for validation. Does this count as a phallic symbol?

Good news! It's a boy!

I got to Pompano with time to spare although the East wind became a gusting northerly directly in my face as it passed through the large buildings. It may have to do with the fact that my kayak was mostly empty.

Bruno and Christine treated me to dinner and I spent the rest of the evening making final preparations. The wind is still very strong. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Florida coast get hit so hard. It probably is one of the few times Florida surfers can get some action.

  1. Jean-Marc Pépin permalink

    Allo René,

    Il me semble pour l’occasion t’aurais pu te faire la barbe. Bon l’aventure commence dans une pointe du triangle des Bermudes…

  2. Kevin Potvin permalink

    Hello Rene
    Kevin Potvin of Milton, ON has subsribed and is following you.
    I wish you much adventure and success.
    Play safe!

    p.s. Keep your clothes on, there are much better looking nude male models out there.

  3. hi rene! good luck on your trip. we´ll keep an eye on you;)
    swedish meatballs //Fanny & Emma

  4. jeanjacques3 permalink

    I’m finally logged!

    I’m a bit late on this one, but hope everything’s still going well.

    These picture are instant classics! The second one in particular. I know exactly what you were saying to the camera master.

  5. Mike permalink

    Hello from South-Eastern CT.

    Will follow with interest!

  6. RE Dickulous. How much gas to fill that thing? At least we have the satisfaction its up to $4.00 gallon! hehe

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