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Air Show!

March 12, 2011

March 12,

I’m still in front of Cape Canaveral. I’ve learned that the town is called Titusville. Last night was cold again but warm weather and light winds are expected for the week. Tomorrow I only have to cover 10 miles to the last Spoil Island before the long stretch (35 miles I think) of protected territory that ends at Smyrna.

Titusville is not really what I would call a cultural treasure. Some of the most prominent titles among the 20 titles available at Publix, the only bookstore in Titusville, are cowboy romance novels.

Since I visited Titusville highlights three time in a row, I was now ready to visit the Air Show. By the way the highlights consist of Walgreen, Publix and China Wok. I am now a regular at the China Wok. The owner is a nice guy and I hope he’s reading this like he said he would (he should also subscribe).

The Air Show lived up to my expectations. It compared favourably with a long boring wait at the Burlington airport. Well barely so and I assume the beer helped.


  1. Lunkerbuster permalink

    Sounds like a much needed rest. Better it was in a boring place. No temptations

    Great pics of the launch

  2. Bing permalink

    Good luck! 好运!

  3. It just keeps me smiling to notice that what I thought at my beginnings as a young-hoping-to-become-pro-one-day proves time and time again: the true heart of great photography lies in the passionate eye! You need not be a pro of any sort, if you have it, it’ll show. I think your pictures rival and at times exceed pro shots I have the habit to acknowledge in my everyday life as a professional photographer! Bravo Rene, your shots are simply fabulous and high-end! Not only that, but also you do very well master the “development” process! Keep at it, I’m looking forward for more!

    • Thanks Charles, it means a lot coming from you. I’m doing as much as I can with my Olympus E520 and my g10. I’ve come to appreciate the stuff i can do with the Olympus although it is absolute crap in low light.

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