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Sleeping with bugs, gnats to be precise

March 17, 2011

March 15, spoil island way past Daytona

Last night I collapsed real early on my garbage laden island. Some strange boat came to check out the shore, did not bother with my kayak, they were probably looking for aligators.

Houses have immense bug screen enclosures, enough to make you miss snow

There were no trees to hang my hammock and not much to do, so I read in my tent. The lights attracted insects but I did not notice it. I woke up with my tent full of gnats. I mean they were everywhere and in great numbers. These disgusting things were jumping around, on me, on the tent wall and my stuff… argh! There wasn’t much I could do since there were more outside. I put my head screen and protected the rest of my body in the sleeping bag. It was a wonderful experience.

I woke up in a great mood. Sand everywhere and so comforted by the knowledge that bug could pass right through my tent’s screening. That should be just wonderful in Georgia.

I jumped hastily on my kayak to put miles between me and the campsite from hell in Mosquito Lagoon. The name of the region should have given me a hint. Unfortunately, there was no wind and the current that was running against me was quite strong. In four hours of effort I covered 5 miles. The campsite was 29 miles further. This was going to be a long day but I was ready to pedal day and night if I had to.

The wind started very timidely and increased later in the afternoon. At around 3, it was positively brilliant. Strangely, my mood was elevated by this fact. I made it to the campsite some minutes before the sunset. I discovered a shampoo mess inside my main drybag but that did not mess up my mood. As I write this I am hopeful that the bugs will stay at bay for the night.

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