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Killier robots and aliens in the Cape Canaveral security zone

March 17, 2011

March 14, I’m writing this from Smyrna’s primitive campsite in front of a lighthouse

This morning I left my cozy island for a 40 mile hike. NOA said that the winds would be from the south at 5 knots, increasing in the afternoon to 10. The first three hours I pedaled on a mirror. That’s how long it took me to do 6 miles. The wind made a timid appearance after I passed the canal to Mosquito Lagoon. It was very slow going but I was able to use the sail. Two hours later, the wind really picked up and it was a nice ride with a backwind through some very interesting canals that were lined up with lively houses and trailers. I say lively since unlike further south, there were people everywhere on porches (here they don’t call them patios for sure) and park benches. People were fishing everywhere. Almost all the boats were anchored to fish or going somewhere to fish. The other boats were transiting on the intracoastal. I now sense that the boats on the intracoastal are coming from far and going all the way south or north. The boats had numerous canisters of water and gasoline on them.

I haven’t seen a single sailboat with sails out, I never do. Why do they buy sailboats?

I made a major and a minor discovery. The minor discovery is that the elevated seat is a necessity. Why don’t the Adventure Islands come with one? The second one is that the Cape Canaveral security area is where they hide all the good X file stuff. Area 51 is merely a decoy. The extraterrestrials and killer robots from outer space could not fit between the souvenir stands at area 51. Clearly the US government has been very clever in hiding the aliens, killer robots and zombies in plain sight. The space program offers the perfect cover. All day there were civilian defense helicopters hovering over the innocent looking intracoastal islands of the security zone. I’m not sure if they are called civilian defense or service… they are the helicopters used for the dual purpose of giving a hand to the military to turn families into ground meat and then sending aid to the same regions. That’s how the civil service or defense person explained it to me at the air show. It was the same helicopter I had seen at the show: Huey mostly grey.

Those helicopters were checking stuff really, really closely. I’m sure they lost another alien or killer blob or what not. Someone should really give a call to Bob Lazarre or some UFO hotline. I’m just too tired right now.

Ospray, Pandion haliaetus

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