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Liberals on catamarans

March 17, 2011

March 13, Spoil Island in front of Cape Canaveral

Today I left the comfort of the campground to go 10 miles. When I got to the intended spoil island it was not there anymore. It had been swept away like it sometimes happens. The masses of uprooted trees I’ve been seeing on all spoil islands gave me a clue as to how that could have happened. I came back a mile and a half to a spoil island with many boaters and set my tent and hammock.

I met two families on Hobie catamarans: one 21 footer mirage catamaran and a much smaller single sail catamaran for the kids. These were the sort of people who go on vacations to remote islands in the keys and visit places without a car. Among other things, one of them, lets call him Dan, had crossed from Miami to the Bahamas in a small catamaran. I would have blamed fumes from the Hobie fibreglass for these strange inclinations but two of them told me that they were University of Orlando professors so I let go of my chemical theory and put the blame on the liberal brainwashing that goes on in them places of “learning”.

Dan and his wife think that the entire region is going to become a ghost town since the space shuttles were providing much of the employment of the region. Once the shuttles are retired, it’s going to be a long time before the promised Mars project goes ahead. Maybe 15 years according to them. The good news is that by that time the Chinese will be able to lend them their used Mars rockets and tell them how to do it. That’s going to save a lot of tax dollars for sure.

When these liberal crazies left , I made myself an elevated seat. I may now sail without having my behind in the water all the time. It’s also going to help me with my posture. Having my feet higher than my ass all day is probably not Feng Shui, Hallal or Kosher.

In the morning there was no wind. I got to the island pedalling. Since I got to the island, an unrelenting perfect southern wind was nagging me. Hopefully I don’t regret not sailing through the evening instead of waiting for tomorrow.

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