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Jacksonville bound

March 26, 2011

March 23, Jacksonville (Dutton kayak launch and park)

I woke up from a week of overstuffing myself, reading and watching movies. St-Augustine has a theatre where you can order food and drinks while sitting in the theatre. Imagine this: there is an actual waitress and the menus are on the tables, each seat has a table. I watched The King’s speech and Black Swan, two excellent movies, while eating nachos and drinking wine.

Early morning, I ate the complimentary pancakes. The staff makes little drawings of pirate related icons as well as multilingual good morning messages on the pancakes. I also drank some coffee before leaving the Pirate’s Haus. The coffee I remember because it got me peeing all day. I waited for a taxi at some very expensive hotel and made it across the bridge to the North Beach campground. It took me about 40 minutes to take my kayak about 1 km from its storage place near the house of the campground manager’s place to the water. I had to do multiple trips and reassemble the entire thing.

Fortunately, the timing for the tide could not have been better and the wind was rather swift. I made it to Dutton with time to spare and meet kayakers. Two of them have a blog They posted a picture of me messing with my gear. Hopefully we meet again on the Hudson (they are from Albany NY).

  1. Hey Rene I am glad to see that you are under way on this great adventure. If you need anything let me know and I will try to help in any way I can. I will continue to follow your progress.

  2. Noooooo… wine & dine in a movie theatre!!! That I will have to see some day!!! Always bringing us the best stories Rene!!!

  3. Natasha permalink

    I went to that movie theatre in 1993. My bf and I at the time shared a pitcher of beer and a bucket of popcorn, and we watched the Nightmare before Christmas, right around Xmas Eve 😉

    • It’s the best place to watch a movie. The screens and equipment are shitty. The picture is moving a bit and never perfectly sharp but the ambiance is perfect.

      • Natasha permalink

        I know, I talked about it to friends for years after, wondering why we don’t have that kind of theater here! A gold mine, I tells ya.

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