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Campsites in Georgia accessible to paddlers

March 28, 2011

Georgia does not have an established paddling trail. They have been in the process of thinking about thinking about it. They have a preliminary website with no coordinates or tips on how to paddle the coast.

I’ve had to do research and identify potential sand patches for somewhat illegal camping. All the campsite are inland. Paddling on the ocean side is possible but the amount of shoals, breakers and shallow area may make passing on the ocean side longer and certainly very exposed since you will have to go 2 miles out to go around the water hazards. That said, passing on the ocean side will make it possible to cover some distance during an unfavourable tide.

31.1078 -81.4119     Jekyll Island Campground 1-866-658-3021 Very nice but a little far from shore.

N 31 22.805 W 81 16.895    Remote beach on the tip of Sapelo Island. Not likely to meet anyone there but hopefully I can get to Blackbeard.

N 31 32.142 W 81 12.276 BlackBeard Island National Wildlife refuge; remote beach for illegal camping

N 31 18.992 W 81 21.460 Sand patch on small island in St-Simon sound. Hopefull it’s possible to go aground and make it to the patch of sand. Difficult to say if it’s going to be good from Google earth.

N 31 41.685 W 81 09.217    Ste-Catherine sound beach for illegal camping.

N 31 52.857 W 81 10.654 Fort Mc Allister State (912) 727-2339 Simply speak to campground host before 10pm. A little off path but it’s one of the very rare places where you can show up unannounced.

N 32 01.476 W 80 51.066 Tybee, River’s End Campground 912.786.5518 1.800.786.1016

  1. Austin Bannister permalink

    Sounds like a hard run so far…. Wish you the best. I just purchased a Tandem Hobie Adventure Island, and I’m looking at a shorter trip from Charleston SC to Norfolk VA, so I’ll consider any campsites/info you feel to post in your blog.

    How is spearfishing from the hobie? this is the main reason for purchasing my tandem.

    • Hello Austin, I’ll post the best list of campsites I can build. I’m the first to make such a list. By the time I’m done with this trip, I’ll have established an coastal guide for paddlers going from the Everglades to Montreal. Glad to do it but it was nice when the information was put forth by well organized people. The Florida circumnavigation paddling trail was super useful even if it was not perfect. Too bad the paddlers cannot add their own little camping sites to the list or comment on those that are suggested; it’s not interactive at all.

      For spearfishing, I think the sailing kayak is going to revolutionize spearfishing. It expands hunting grounds well beyond what normal kayaks would normally offer and it has none of the problems of powerboats. It more in line with the spirit of freediving and the idea self reliance that comes with it.

  2. I spent 6 weeks in Great Exuma, Bahamas spearfishing, trolling, and bottom fishing from an Adventure Island. It was one of the highlights of a quite adventurous life so far!!!

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