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Fort McAllister

April 3, 2011

April 2, Fort McAllister

During the previous evening, I had been a bit worried that I would not go to sleep because of my predicament. I even considered leaving at 1 am as the tide became favourable. Fortunately, I slept just fine. I woke up a few times and each time I was surprised how my dreams were blocking the sound of the furious wind shaking my tent. At 2 am I stood out to pee and looked at just how low the water was. Taking my kayak from the top of the pile all the way to the water would have been quite a treat. I yawned and when back in my tent.

I woke up at 7 and started to read. The next good tide was in the afternoon. I did not want to wait that long but I was thinking of letting the worse of the ebb pass by. I was making coffee when a military helicopter hung over my head. It was time to go. Fortunately the wind was still holding.

It took me quite a lot of work to go into the wind and against the current. My plan was to get to Fort McAllister and call it a day. I was a mere 12 miles away and I had been promised that I would have a site for me if I did show up. The ramp was four miles away from the intracoastal so it better be good.

When I finally made it to the ramp I looked for the host of the campsite. I was then informed that obviously there was nothing available. I pleaded my way into the host campsite and promptly reserved the next day also.

I met two guys on the boat dock and I joined the for hotdogs and beer and later for chicken and pork and whisky cokes. They were car camping hoping to get some fish and hangout. These guys are keeping me fed and even brought me to the Publix so I could restock. You meet great people when you do long trips.

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  1. Tom permalink

    Great getting to meet you and hear about your voyage. Definitely an inspiration for my A.T. trip and many others that will get the opportunity to meet you. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip. Best of travels and experiences to you!!


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