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Perfect island for illegal camping

April 3, 2011

March 30, Unknown island after St-Simon Island

I decided to leave Jekyll even though the rain would last all day. I could not get an early start because of the tide and besides I had to bring my kayak and all my gear to the end of the pier, almost a mile away. Fortunately, many campers offered to bring my gear with their cars. I only needed help with my bags. I wheeled the kayak with the mast on my shoulder on the first trip. I then packed the rest of my stuff and some Good Samaritan took it to the kayak while I walked with my outriggers. The low tide was at 1 pm and I pretty much left as the current started to run inland (it’s called flood, ebb is when the tide goes out).

The wind was from the north and not very strong. NOA had predicted west, what a joke. I pedaled from 2 to 7. I got to an island I had spotted on Google. It’s inhabited but the land as been prepared for sale. It’s like a giant lawn. I could not think of a better illegal camping spot. It’s nice to be on the road again. The sky is full of stars and the next two days are supposed to be clear and windy.

  1. stephane rodrigue permalink


    nice trip man:) Meeting nice people coming up that water?

    I’m reading it


  2. I like your boat, what kind of speed can you average, like reaching in fair winds?

    • The Adventure Island can go quite fast if you have a side wind or run with the win, especially if you are not loaded. My record is around 18 miles per hour. You can count on an average of 5mph. Heading in the wind is brutal, no more than 2.5mph.

  3. That’s really good. Holding 5mph for extended periods in a sea kayak isn’t easy, even in good boats and flat water. Maybe the sail/keel balance just isn’t designed to point high or tack well.

  4. It drifts too much. There would need to be a bigger daggerboard and a boom to go into the wind. Fortunately, the pedal drive makes up for it as long as you are willing to pedal for hours.

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