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Storm tomorrow

April 4, 2011

April 4, Fort McAllister

I cancelled my reservation for Skidaway Park a mere 10 miles north of McAllister Park, were I am right now, because they don’t have any access to water and it was not worth the trouble to get back on my boat to do only 10 miles (about 17 miles with all the turns).

It turns out the heavy winds that we’re experiencing today will turn into a storm tomorrow, so I’m stuck here. I could have gone as far as Port Royal Sound in South Carolina. It would have taken me only a few hours with the wind but I would have been stuck on the side of the sound for 24 hours without the benefit of a campground. The Port Royal Sound is 4 to 5 miles wide depending on where I choose to cross; therefore there will be no way for me to cross it in heavy weather.

This makes my stay in Georgia that much longer. I have to say that I am looking forward to get to another state. South Carolina is going to be a long state to cross with a lot of inland meandering if I stick to the intracoastal. The weather after tomorrow is supposed to be all sun and reasonable winds, so the travel will be safe and slow.

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  1. Too boring in Georgia?

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