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Daufuskie Island, real beds, oh my!

April 7, 2011

April 7, Daufuskie island, South Carolina

I’m on Dawfoskee island also spelled Daufuski and Daufuskie. Daufuskie is the official way of writing it but shirts and maps show all sorts of spelling. The original name was Dawfoskee but I imagine that generation of creative spellers transformed it to Daufuskie. My only question is why would they add an e?

I was on my way to some illegal camping spot I identified on Google when I passed in front of a lively marina. I asked if I could dock and go to the restaurant and they said – well of course. At the restaurant I enquired without any hope of having a positive response, if they had any campgrounds in the area. The girl said to speak to the manager. Barbara, was at the general store and she proposed that I take one of the cabins instead. I’ll have a really nice place to have tsunami nightmares tonight. I’m kidding, this is a real find!

My little house

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