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Another day in paradise

April 8, 2011

April 8, Daufunskie

Oh how I enjoy this place. It has a slow resort vibe or maybe it’s just a southern thang.

The island has an interesting demographic history. From the end of the civil war until they were pushed out by development in the 60s, it was home to the descendant of freed slaves. They were referred to as Gullah. Jimmy Buffett wrote a song called “The prince of Tides” that tells the story of the urbanization of this island and the loss of yet another piece of original Americana. The island also inspired a novel titled “The water is wide” in which the island is called “Yamacraw Island” and relates the experience of the author, Pat Conroy, while teaching on the island in the 1960s. I got most of these tidbits of information on Wiki but the general store is full of Conroy’s book.

It’s probably another story about a lost paradise that never really existed in the first place but I do lament the fact that we’ve perhaps lost yet another place that we could have called different. It’s really beautiful nonetheless. It only needs a new Walmart and a Home Depot so I can waterproof my boat and put a bilge pump system.

It will rain tomorrow with a west wind. So I will wait Sunday morning when the tide will be at a reasonable 8 am and the wind will come from the south east to cross Port Royal and go up the river. It should be really easy since there will be no heavy wind for a while. I don’t want to leave this place anyway.


boats are found in all sorts of places and I suppose they help remind people why they pay so much for insurance 😉

  1. tesslrogers permalink

    How is Charleston treating you? 🙂

    • I’ll post a lot of pictures and may write a bit about the civil war commemoration (not celebration hopefully). This is a place where I would live, seriously.

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