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Leaving Charleston

April 20, 2011

April 18, 33 02.211 79 33.795 Buck Hall Recreation Area US Highway 17 South, McClellanville, SC 29458, (843) 887-3257

I woke up at the Not So Hostel regretting that this was my last day at the hostel. I had just met interesting people the night before but I had to hit the road.

After leaving my room, I made it to the communal kitchen before the staff girl so I was able to make the coffee strong. Then I wolfed two bagels with cheese as I had been doing all week. In Charleston, I was on a strict 10 000 calories diet. The calories I could not eat, I drank.

There was no wind in the morning, so I took one last walk in the city before I rode a cab to City Marina. The outgoing tide was quite strong and it helped me along in the light wind. Fortunately, once on the intracoastal the current was not strong. The canal is full of inlets letting the water in and out without creating much current. It was easy to go in or out to the ocean but I soon followed the shortest route: the intracoastal. The inlets all have sand bars and it’s not very practical to hug to coast.

The intracoastal is nothing like the complicated business in Georgia. Looking at the map one can see that after Charleston, the intracoastal gets back to being a fast commercial route that goes all the way to Pamlico Sound.

I had one entry on my GPS. I did not know what it was or why I entered it. I knew it had to be either a good place to do wild camping or a campground. It was neither. It was a self serve recreation area. I was able to set my tent for free on someone’s site.

I appreciate this campsite but I did not need this much luxury so early after Charleston. I now trust my good luck. It’s been holding for quite a while.

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