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Brush fires in South Carolina

April 21, 2011

Brush fires along the shore in South Carolina

  1. James gagnon permalink

    paddle, paddle, paddle!

  2. pedal pedal pedal in this case 😉

  3. James gagnon permalink

    Hey Rene, When you get up to North Carolina there is a marina you may want to stop at.
    The owner is an old class mate of mine and although I’ve never been there I’m sure they would welcome you! Ask for Chuck and tell him Jimmy Gagnon says Hello. Safe Journeys~

  4. I’ll put that marina in my coordinates. He’s in Beaufort, nice!

  5. janice permalink

    Hey Rene , we met you on the ICW on 4/22. love your pictures and your quest. God speed. we’ll be watching.

  6. Haili Barber permalink

    Hi Rene, we met last night at Carolina Beach. When ever you get a chance would you please contact us. It was wonderful talking to you. Scott and I are very glad that we met you.


    • Hello Haili, hope you did not get into too much trouble. I saw the police lights well into the night. Being Canadian I just could not get into any sort of legal wranglings, that would be catastrophic.

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