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One state per day

May 25, 2011

May 21, Castaway campground

I crossed the Chincoteague Bay with an eastern wind right in my face. I had hoped for a west wind since that’s what was forecasted. I’d be lying if I said I was losing fate in the weather people: I lost it a while back on Molasses Key. On this trip I can honestly say that the weather people, especially NOAA, as been wrong more time that it would be statistically possible. I mean a monkey selecting the wind direction at random would probably have had it right more often by sheer chance.

Chincoteague Bay is a long lake with enough depth to sail just about anywhere. On the west side is a protected area where sand dunes on island create a barrier for the sea. There is absolutely no boat traffic. People on each side of the 20 mile long bay stay on their sides.

State line, first time I see such a thing.

I pushed east almost to Ocean City Maryland even though there was a state park with plenty of campsites. I had been trying to reach the park people for 5 days but no one ever answered or returned my calls. I spoke to the people from the conservation section to see if they could check on them to see if they hadn’t been taken out by zombies or aliens.

I checked into the most modern and well maintained campground I’ve ever seen. It was also more expensive than any hotel I’ve stayed at on this trip: 56$ for a tent site!

May 22, Bethany

I only planned to go 20 miles to another campground at the mouth of Indian Inlet. There was no ramp and a tall rock wall all along the edge. I had to tie up in a private marina inside a gated community; thanks for the slip Arturo. The campground itself was a patch of hard terrain, mostly gravel, next to a construction site. There were no trees and the ground was full of tracks, making it difficult to find a good place to put a tent. That campground truly sucked.

On the way to the campground, I met a group of retires on a pontoon. We talked along a long canal. They later invited me to diner. They picked me up at my campground. The seafood restaurant was really nice. Towards the end of the meal, I toppled a glass of red wine, spraying the women in front of me. She even had wine in her eyes. It was one of my finer moments. Now I wonder why people don’t invite me to the restaurant more often.

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