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Ocean City to Beach Haven

June 6, 2011

May 26, Ocean City to Beach Haven

I walked my big bags from the Pavilion Motel all the way to the dock of the foreclosed restaurant where I left my boat. I was on my way at around 8. Getting to Atlantic City was a lot more work than I expected because of all the turns and small canals.

The intracoastal inside Atlantic City stank of raw sewage and the houses along the canal sure said a lot about city corruption. There is no way that a building inspector would have allowed any of the buildings to be built so poorly. The roofs sagged and you had to look hard to find a house that stoop straight or two houses with parallel walls. The roof of a brand new condo project was already in bad shape. Some of the tiles were missing and the roof line was not straight at all. I don’t know how the construction crews work but they sure should change their carpenters.

Maybe they should tell the “connected” cousin who thinks he’s a big time contractor that it’s not working out. It would be less work than intimidating or bribing the city inspectors. I’m sure it would be more efficient and I would not have to look at these barely standing bungalows that look like they’ve survived some sort of disaster. Not letting sewage into the intracoastal would also improve the region’s real estate.

The fog enveloped the city. The buildings would appear slowly as large masses in the sky. An island with a lot of gigantic windmills marked the beginning of the marsh. The wind was strong and they turned quite fast. The noise coming from those windmills was minimal. I cannot imagine why people would complain about it. You do ear a whoosh when the blade passes if you are directly under it but it’s seriously gentle.

After Atlantic City is a long way across low lying islands, let’s call them marsh, and then you get to a large body of water that goes to an inlet. It’s large enough that I used my compass to get across but the low lying islands are more to blame than the actual crossing distance: only 3 miles.

I was getting quite wet as I passed the ocean swell in front of the inlet. Then it got totally flat and I had the wind at my back.

I made it to Beach Haven at around 4. I had stopped only to ask about Surf City, my initial target, but they invited me to stay there. They let me choose between two tent sites, one of them was on a boat, and living on a catamaran. Linda, the owner of the 32 foot cat let me have one of her quarters.

Linda, the mayor of Beach Haven Marina and host!

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