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Point Pleasant, New Jersey is now my all time favorite state

June 6, 2011

May 27, 28 Beach Haven

I stayed put while the wind blew hard. I enjoyed the town and the dock life. Marina life is quite interesting since people from all over the place pass by. The residents travel without moving.

May 30, Point Pleasant

For days the wind came from the south. The day I decide to leave it turns to the north. I slowly pedaled against the wind savoring the irony. I had plenty of time to savor. Barnagat inlet took me hours to pass. Eventually the wind settled more to my side and I was able to maintain over 4 mile per hour if I pedaled hard.

I covered 36 miles in those conditions before getting to the canal that would lead me to the last inlet before New York. Unfortunately the current was in my face. I asked a man on a dock what he knew about the canal and he proposed that I stay at his place.

In the state I was, it was no wonder I would agree to such a proposition. The house was straight out of a Coastal Living magazine. I was given the third floor. We drank great Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Valley. The Fraziers had a nice wooden power boat on their dock and own a large sailboat from the beginning of the century. They had plenty of sailing stories so we got along very well.

Sure beats camping!

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