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Point Pleasant

June 6, 2011

May 31, Point Pleasant

I really like New Jersey. Everyone has been so helpful and welcoming. I left the Frazier’s dock as they were themselves leaving for Philadelphia. I made it about 200 yards to the mouth of the canal. It was impassable. The current pas ripping towards me, so I went to the marina right next to it. The owner of the Bay Head Marina said it was fine to leave my boat at the dock and I felt like staying an extra day in Point Pleasant. I got to the street to get a cab to the Atlantic Motel. There I met Kay. She offered to take me there and then invited me to stay at her house instead of going to the hotel. New Jersey was getting on my good side just about then. Kay gave me the third floor of the immense house. The family cannot fill the two first floors it seems. Again the house was splendid. My floor had great furniture and the bathroom was out of a magazine.

Point Pleasant Beach

Later in the day, while reading the comments people left on my blog, I had noticed a comment from John Durria. He’s the owner of Jersey Paddlers ( He says to give him a call if I need information on New Jersey. I wrote back saying thanks but I was leaving New Jersey. I didn’t give this a second thought until Kay told me the shop was on the corner. I met John an hour after leaving the message.

I had a question about the canal; about how to get through it. The answer was that it was illegal for me to go through. Fortunately, John towed me thus avoiding trouble with the police. The canal did have incredibly strong currents; some standing waves would have been surfable towards the end. John invited me to the marina and gave me a few contacts useful for my passage in the NY harbor region.

Curious marketing for a steak house

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